QuickBooks Consulting

You have several options to consider in selecting the accounting software for your small business or nonprofit. We believe QuickBooks is a good option for smaller entities because it:

  • Is written and designed for the non-accountant
  • Is inexpensive compared to programs for larger entities
  • Makes the complicated task of payroll management easier
  • Enables easy customization of invoicing
  • Allows you to track inventory and staff time
  • Provides quick access to a variety of financial information and charts
  • Minimizes the amount of time you need to spend on bookkeeping

Setting Up QuickBooks

For QuickBooks to work well for your company, you must make the correct decisions during the setup. We will help you set up your QuickBooks properly. If you understand accounting, the system is easy to launch correctly.

If you are not an accountant, you can make mistakes during the setup process. If you do make a mistake during the initial QuickBooks launch, you may need to spend a lot of time correcting the issue.

You should get help from an accountant before you install your first version of QuickBooks. Our team has worked with this system for many years. We can streamline the setup process for you and make sure you avoid some of the common installation mistakes. Some mistakes can result in erroneous financial information and incorrect tax liabilities.

Ongoing QuickBooks Support

We can come to your office on a regular basis to review your financial records in QuickBooks. We will review your accounts to insure you are maintaining the data properly.

If we catch and correct an issue early in the year, you can avoid end-of-the-year problems. We can also give you regular guidance on accounting concepts to help you monitor your company’s financial records.

As a client of Richard A. Hall, PC, you can call us anytime with QuickBooks questions or issues.

For a no obligation discussion about helping you setup and maintain your QuickBooks system, please contact us.

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