Overlooked Tax Deductions and Tax Credits Can Reduce Your Tax Bill

Don’t Overlook These Six Deductions When You File Your 2019 Taxes Tax day is coming soon. Make sure you take all the tax credits and tax deductions you can to keep more of your hard-earned money. We list below some

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Inherited Money is Tax-Free for Many

Do You Owe Tax on That Inheritance? You just learned that Aunt Millie left you $40,000 in cash in her will. You’re delighted with the news and then comes the question “Do I owe tax on that”? In most cases,

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Small Business Year-end Tax Tips and Strategies

Tax strategies for small business owners for year-end 2019 As we close out the calendar year, it’s a good time to review your business’s tax situation. This is a great month to estimate your tax bill for the year and

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How to Recession-Proof Your Business for 2020

Recession-proof Your Business Before the Next Downturn Most financial experts and business economists agree that the U.S. is due for a recession. In June 2019, a survey conducted by the National Association for Business Economics estimates the risk of a

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Managing Employee Travel and Entertainment Expenses

How to manage employee travel and entertainment expenses September marks the back-to-school season. This time of year many businesses also ramp up business activities. As employee activity increases, they often incur expenses to travel to meetings, client offices, conferences, training

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Deducting Ordinary and Necessary Business Expenses

To Be Deductible Expenses Must Be Ordinary AND Necessary to Running the Business The IRS defines allowable business expenses as those expenses that are the ordinary and necessary expenses for carrying on a trade or business. Business owners and tradespeople

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Use KPIs to Review Your Mid-Year Financial Performance

How to use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to review your company’s mid-year financial performance July is a great time to take stock of how well your company is performing. With six months to go until year’s end, you have time

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How to Take Income from Your Small Business

Do you know the best way to take income from your small business? When many folks talk about a business owner’s income, they mention the word “salary”. Not every business owner takes a salary.  Many factors influence how business owners

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Is Summer Camp Tax Deductible in 2019?

Do you know if your child’s summer camp is tax deductible? The short answer is it could provide you with a tax credit, which is more useful than a summer camp tax deduction. A tax deduction allows you to reduce

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IRS Reduces Penalties for Taxpayers Under-withholding taxes

The IRS lowers under-withholdi penalty to 80% In March, taxpayers who under-withheld their federal tax in their paychecks got a reprieve from the IRS. The agency recognized that many taxpayers were confused about the amount they needed to withhold. Last

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