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Small businesses and new businesses startups are not small to us. We know small companies need qualified accounting expertise. We really enjoy working with startup companies. Our accounting staff has the expertise necessary to help your startup business. Let our years of experience in providing accounting for new businesses get your business off to a great start.

Starting a business can seem daunting. You have many decisions to make in setting up a new business. You must decide on:

  • The proper legal structure (partnership, sole proprietor, LLC, Corporation, etc).
  • A method of accounting (accrual or cash)
  • Your start-up budgets
  • Your staffing, leasing, etc.

When you are starting up in business, you must make these decisions carefully. The legal structure, for example, has implications for your start-up company’s business taxes.

We Understand Accounting Needs of  New Businesses
Select Richard A Hall, PC, as the accounting team for your startup. We have worked with startup businesses in many industries. We can ease some of the stress in starting your new business. We can advise you regarding the financial and accounting implications of your new business decisions. Our CPAs also have extensive local contacts and can help you find useful services for your new business.

We can guide you in a range of startup activities from setting up your accounting system to organizing your accounting and bookkeeping records. Without a good financial record keeping and accounting setup, it may be hard for you to know the financial impact of a given course of action.

For your start-up business, we can assist you with the following accounting services:

  • Selecting the appropriate business entity formation (from an accounting and tax perspective)
  • Developing your initial business plan and financial forecasts
  • Setting up your startup budget and providing tax evaluation strategies
  • Selecting and configuring your initial accounting software
  • Establishing your record keeping system
  • Completing and submitting federal and state applications for identification numbers
  • Applying for a business license
  • Registering for state income tax and sales tax collection and remittance

At the end of your firm’s fiscal year, we can also prepare the following tax and financial forms:

  • LLC, Partnership, S Corp and C Corp Returns
  • Employment Tax and 1099 forms
  • Year-to-Year financial analysis

We really understand the accounting needs of new business startups. We have worked with startup companies since 1987.

For a no obligation discussion about the needs of your new business, please contact us.

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