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Tax Breaks for College Students in 2016

August is a month many young adults head to college and even some not-so-young adults look to enhance their education. Both younger and older students can realize some tax breaks for seeking a postsecondary education. In addition to the well-known

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Business and Personal Casualty Losses Tax Deductible

July marks the peak summer season and the high-risk weather season. If you suffer a casualty or loss this season, you can get some relief on your taxes. Basic Definition of a Casualty For Federal income tax purposes, a casualty

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Should you Buy or Lease a Car for Your Business?

You need a new car. Should you buy or lease? If you own a business, should you purchase or lease a car through the company. We’ll address each of these questions in this post. Buying vs. Leasing a Vehicle The

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Retirement Plan Options for Small Business Owners

If you run a small business, it is easy to focus so much on the business that you neglect retirement planning. April is a great time to take stock of where you stand with your personal finances. When you complete

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How to Avoid Tax Scams

Beware – Scammers Continue to Use the IRS Name Fraud artists continue to use the name of the IRS to con un-suspecting tax payers. These tax scams take many different forms. In most scams, the criminals pretend to be from the

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How to Select a Tax Preparer

Face it, filing taxes is a complicated chore. Tax filing is particularly challenging if you have many income-producing assets, multiple income sources or you own a business. You will probably seek help this year to file your taxes. According to

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Social Security Ends Tactic to Max a Couple’s Social Security Earnings

In a February 2015, we posted information about how couples could use a tactic called “file-and- suspend” to increase their joint income from Social Security. In October 2015, Congress passed a bill, which eliminates these tactics for most individuals effective

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End-of-Year Tax Tips for 2015

Early December is a good time to take a quick look at your end-of-year tax situation. You still have a little time to take some steps to minimize tax consequences. Before you start, gather your tax documents from last year.

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Ten Tax and Financial Tips for New Parents

Fall is often a big time of change for families. September is one of the highest months for births in the United States. If you are a new or soon-to-be parent or grandparent, we list below some tax and financial

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Tax Items You Should Add to Your Wedding Checklist

The months of August and September often mark big changes for young couples. These months are among the most popular for weddings and for births. Each of these exciting life changes has tax consequences. This month we are providing tax

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